Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Storm's A Comin' - First "Catching Fire" Clip

And here we have it lads and lassies, the first of hopefully many little tidbits from the movie that'll both give us momentary satisfaction (37 sec worth of it!) and yet make us yearn for the movie all that much more. Well played, Lionsgate, well played. Here dearies, enjoy the torture. 

    My thoughts on the trailer:

"Sqeeeeeeeeeeee ><" and "That's it?!?!?!?!" After y'all watched it, you
know how I feel. THAT 37 SECOND TORTURE!!! 37 SECONDS?! We need more. But onwards! I'm a full-on team Peeta but Gale is too interesting of a character to be ignored. He basically propels Katniss to accept this new responsibility of hers: a symbol for hope. And here is a tiny snippet of his great wisdom. In the mean time, i'll leave you a beautiful man to stare at and be at complete peace.

-Captain Kaelyn

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