Monday, February 3, 2014

Captain's Log 2/3/2014 - SORRY!!!

Oye, but seriously, lads and lassies, I sincerely apologize for being gone for sooooo long. College had just begun, and as soon as I got my land legs back, tragedy struck--I'd lost my faithful companion, my parakeet. So these past few days, I'd been spending my time with her in her last moments. I'm very sad currently, but I am trying to move on. Just give me some time. And I can't promise any consistent posting as of now or soon, but I WILL be posting. Being away from the Jolly Anne has been kiiiiilling me. (And I have a huge pile of ARC's to be reading and reviewing...) So I thank you so much for your dedication and patience and understanding and a whole, long list of pretty descriptive words!!!

PS: BAP HAS RETURNED!!!! Give a listen to my new ear worm: 1004 (Angel) [pronounced the same in Korean thus the two title words] Warning lassies: ovaries WILL explode, sorrynotsorry. And lads: well, you're life will, too, change.

Now, was that not the best song ever created in this world? Yes? YES? Good to hear. And also, it's good to be back. I missed you guys. Question of the day: what did you do to pass time during this winter storm from hell? Wait, of course you read a book. So tell  me, what book did you read during the storm? Was it good? Meh? Bad? I physics textbook and it was meh [I AM  a physics major, so I kinda liked it...#nerdstatus]

- Captain Kaelyn