Thursday, November 21, 2013

Back to the Beach: Vampire Academy Theatrical Trailer

'Ello lads and lassies, Captain has docked the ship to tell another tale that most already know by now--that is if they aren't livin' under a rock or out sailing *whistles innocently* No, even then, the news had reached...about the release of the first full trailer of the upcoming Vampire Academy movie!

My thoughts: Well. This trailer certainly gave us a better look into the world Director Mark Waters has created. Before, I cringed a bit at the posters. "They suck at school."...a vampire pun? Really? I will judge that. Plus that combination of green and pink was very unappealing. The cast? Perfect. Too perfect. I have no qualms, no complaints about these brilliant and talented people. The teeth? No, they look fine too. But this trailer seems to highlight much of the comedy of the movie. The books always gave off a sultry, dark, tense, sarcastic vibe. I'm getting the sarcastic vibe from the trailer, but maybe too much of it? I realize that the books and movies NEVER are perfectly aligned and some movies differ drastically from the books. But through this trailer, I feel that the dark essence of the Vampire Academy world has been altered to a comedic one. Mind you, these thoughts are only on the trailer and many more teasers and trailers will come in the future. And Richelle Mead has constantly assured us of the success of this movie. So I will wait. And I will watch this movie because I see some clips in here that really bring out the world of Rose and Lissa. Those clips hold the soul and feeling of what I'm looking for in this movie.
so cute ^^

Overall: Not disappointed at all. Rose's personality really comes through. And can I get more of that Lust Charm scene please? Swooning over Danila *squeal* My only concern is that this may be too insufficient of a trailer to bring in non-fans. Fans KNOW what's going on, what to expect besides what's in the trailer, but non-fans? They don't. I do recommend they step up their game. But overall, like I've said, not bad at all.

-Captain Kaelyn

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Divergent Trailer World Premiere!!!

Storm's A Comin' - World Premiere of Divergent Trailer

LADS AND LASSIES! Tune into SummitScreeningRoom to watch the livestream of the premiere of the Divergent trailer. I'll be sure to, with a bowl of cocopuffs as company. Enjoy dearies!
-Captain Kaelyn

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Captain's Log 11/12/2013 - Rating, I mean RANKING, system

My lovely dearies, before I post my review of Divergent, I just wanted to put something out there, something I've address in a previous post: MY RANKING SYSTEM. It is by this ranking system (this updated version), that I will express my likability towards a book, song, movie, etc. So, are y'all paying attention?
...I'll just hope you are ;)

Walk The Plank: There are somethings I regret in life and somethings I just want off my ship IMMEDIATELY. How drunk was I that I chose this? So much precious time, lost...
Scurvy Dog: I'm one step away from declaring this trash. I must've fallen for the cover. Wise men spoke true words: don't judge a book by its cover.
Cabin Boy: Wow, I made the right decision to let this wealthy one come on board and travel on this voyage with me. It has been an absolute pleasure. Maybe you should stay and become a mate aboard the Jolly Anne...MAYBE
First Mate: You, fine piece, are my right hand. I cannot live without you, and neither can this ship. Thank you so much for your beautiful existence. You cannot leave this ship, no can do. 
Loot: This. This is what all I review strive to be. Not a part of the ship but a part of the loot, forever immortalized, forever enshrined, loved, gazed upon in awe. Truly a master piece. You have Neptune's grace.

Well, there you have it dearies. Better memorize it! 
Oh wow, um sorry to bust your bubble, Ji Sung, but I was just kidding. The rankings will be posted in the blog sidebar for reference! Look forward to the Divergent review coming veeeeery soon

- Captain Kaelyn

Monday, November 11, 2013

Jumping Ships: #StayStrongAilee

Dearies, today I'll be discussing something dire: Ailee's scandal. Last night, just before I was about to turn my lights of and go to sleep, my eyes came across the BREAKING NEWS Allkpop had. It pertained to pre-debut photos of a barely-clothed Ailee.

Now, Allkpop HAD always been my source of kpop news. It always had a weird bias in their articles, but I overlooked it and look for the main point of the article and then searched it up myself, to form an opinion more based on what I want to think about the topic. That's not how a news site should operate but I think many kpop fans will agree with me in saying that Allkpop WAS the best and quickest source to information pertaining to korean entertainment. But no more. It's a different story to just sense the quiet bias in the articles but a whole new level of scumbaggery when they ruin a young woman's career, and more importantly, her life. Recently, then revealed their position, due to the backlash of the fans, claiming they are victims too and that they are just doing their job, whilst a
t the same time revealing that other media outlets (Dispatch also) refused to buy these pictures from the source. How, I ask, are they doing their job as reporters if every other media source refused to go forth with this? No, they were just striving for attention, and they got it alright, just the negative kind from fans and idols alike.

It has been a rough night for kpop fans, Aileeans or not. The argument rises whether she's being let of easy because she's a foreigner to the koreans but I want to believe that the modern world, no matter how conservative, is above slut-shaming. It is not okay to blame the girl involved, the one who is now ruined in the eyes of the world. That is just pushing a victim too far. Everyone makes mistakes. To highlight another's mistake more than other, just to ignore your own imperfection, is just plain cruel. In our adolescence, we do things we come to regret later, but in the moment, it seems right. A teacher of mine once said "Learning through suffering". And it describe the human race perfectly. It is through suffering and withstanding the pain that we learn and emerge stronger, more ready to face the future.

My whole point is that Ailee is someone who was taken advantage of at a younger age. I withhold my judgement on whether it was her personal choice to send such pictures to her then-boyfriend or if she was unfairly scammed. In either condition, she was young, unguided, and naive enough to trust in this world, a world that sometimes takes advantage of the innocent. Comparing her to the desperate girl then and the strong woman now, no one can say that she has not learned from her suffering. So let's not judge this girl by what she has suffered through, making the scars open up once more, but support her so she can overcome this downfall and rise to even greater heights.
G.NA and Ailee

Amber and Ailee
Twitter is ablaze with tweets to the singer, showing support and no condemnation (except for a minor few but that is to be expected--the world is a large ocean of views and opinions). Also, idols such as UKISS' Kevin, Miss A's Min, f(x)'s Amber, G.NA, and Jay Park have unfollowed Allkpop on twitter, in support of Ailee. I expect more will soon follow. And I want to express sincere gratitude to the fans for staying strong and keeping Ailee strong, and unfollowing the trash that is Allkpop. Move on to Soompi, everyone, it's just as quick AND not hateful in it's news.
Min and Ailee

I will always remember the moment I became a true fan of this beautiful soul. I always loved her singing since the start of her career, but I truly loved her as a fellow human being when I was watching the Melon Music Awards and she consoled a crying Zelo on stage, who was so ecstatic from judging. While she too had won the rookie award with them, she let them all speak first and then congratulated them once more when it was her turn to speak. Her thoughtful gestures and selfless words won me over.

Ailee-stay strong. That's all I can say. I just want to say that the greatest bravery is to live through this trial and find the strength to carry on with the infinite support you have from your friends and fans. This love will carry you high into the sky and protect you from with filth that rose from hatred and jealousy. And smile.

-Captain Kaelyn, a proud Aileean

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Shailene Woodley has a message and question for YOU!

Shailene Woodley, our Tris in the movie for Divergent, has a message and question for you on the Divergent Instagram page! Check it out dearies.          
-Captain Kaelyn  

Hoist the Colors UPDATE

Aye've got the flu so the Divergent reading is delayed till 1...when I feel my sea-legs are secure. Yes, even Captains get sick dearies. Also, before I forget in my sickness, I'd like to give a shout out to +Joy Weese Moll for being the first Google+ follower of this blog. Thank you so very much! And another shout out to +Angela Scott for being the first follower on Twitter! Welcome to the Jolly Anne, mates.

-Captain Kaelyn

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Hoist the Colors of...Divergent!

Aye, I do love that phrase. Makes me shiver in my boots as I recall the Pirates of the Carribean movies.

Hoist the Colors is my advanced warning for you lads and lassies, one you should heed. Tomorrow, I'll be reading Divergent and live tweeting my thoughts at the same time. Hope you're following me on @CaptainKaelyn ! So grab your copies of Divergent and join me from 12am-2pm as I take my first shot at this series.  Obviously we won't finish...I look forward to these many live tweet readings. I'll be posting of them to warn you ahead of time of the upcoming adventure!

To be honest, I'm a bit scared, because of the non-spoiler things I've been hearing about Allegiant, but I do love me a book that can pull at my heart ^^

-Captain Kaelyn

Captain's Log 11/09/2013 - Nanothon

Aye lads and lassies, I realized I promised a Part Two for Global Fan Day but that has to be slightly delayed because...

...I have to catch up on my word count (and hopefully surpass it, unlikely but a lass can hope). Good luck to all the Nanowriters out there and thank you for your gracious patience dearies ^^

- Captain Kaelyn

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Back to the Beach: Global Fan Day - Part 1 - Catching Fire

Aye, lads and lassies, missed out on getting up-close (over the computer) and personal with our favorite stars of the Catching Fire movie? Fear not, for I have docked our ship and gather you all to this glorious bonfire for...story time! Specifically, the story of what happened on Global Fan Day. If you haven't figured it out yet, Back to the Beach is when I take a break from sailing and regale the people on shore with tales of my adventures. And yesterday's adventure was Global Fan Day! This is only part one, though, look forward to more in the next post dearies. Oh and we're also making s'mores. Are you ready? Here I go.

It was such a blessed day, where the fans on each social network were treated to the company of the cast of Catching Fire. First of was Google + at 2 pm EST, where Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth and director Francis Lawrence participated in a Q&A session. Granted only 6 veeeeery lucky people were able to show there faces and interact directly with the cast and director, but everyone was able to send their questions in via a Google + account or YouTube.

Next, Josh and Liam headed over to Twitter to answer some MORE questions by us insatiable fans.


At this same time, Jennifer and Mr. Lawrence were over to Yahoo for a little Fireside Q&A with Marissa Mayer. Because the video isn't up on YouTube and I am limited by the technology of blogger, CLICK HERE to go to the video.

Now, lastly but not the least, oh no, not at ALL the least, is the Facebook Live Chat with all four once more. Here is the frustrating start of the adventure:



Soooooo basically, the broadcast started later, but not when most people were expecting it to. We were all confused, refreshing the page, blaming the Capitol, fishing for likes, and then I gave up after 30 minutes as I had an early adventure in the morning. Buuuuuut here is the video of the broadcast ^^ I was so excited to find out it still occurred. CLICK HERE for that ^^

And here is the FIRST EXCLUSIVE CLIP once more, if you missed it.

I hope you've enjoyed this dearies, because their is a Part Two coming tomorrow...*hint* Lucy Fry *hint*

- Captain Kaelyn

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Storm's A Comin' - First "Catching Fire" Clip

And here we have it lads and lassies, the first of hopefully many little tidbits from the movie that'll both give us momentary satisfaction (37 sec worth of it!) and yet make us yearn for the movie all that much more. Well played, Lionsgate, well played. Here dearies, enjoy the torture. 

    My thoughts on the trailer:

"Sqeeeeeeeeeeee ><" and "That's it?!?!?!?!" After y'all watched it, you
know how I feel. THAT 37 SECOND TORTURE!!! 37 SECONDS?! We need more. But onwards! I'm a full-on team Peeta but Gale is too interesting of a character to be ignored. He basically propels Katniss to accept this new responsibility of hers: a symbol for hope. And here is a tiny snippet of his great wisdom. In the mean time, i'll leave you a beautiful man to stare at and be at complete peace.

-Captain Kaelyn

Jumping Ships: Miss A ~ Hush

And this my lads and lassies is the introduction of my Jumping Ships series! I don't literally jump ships (I could never do that to my lovely Jolly Anne!) I jump ship from talking about books to talking about another gem: kpop. And today I'll be diacussing "Hush", by the lovely ladies of Miss A.

My oh my, it has been a year and two months since "Touch" and these ladies made it worth the wait! Their voices are so hauntingly captivating. Siren lineage I tell you. Any who, the concept was much sexier, as that is the current trend, but they kept it seductive and mysterious without going overboard or underclothed. The chorus has to be THE most addictive chorus ever! "Kiss, kiss, kiss baby~"

On to business! Here's an intro to my rating scale:

First Mate: you are the best on the ship, capable of being my right hand. I trust you the most and find you to be the best pirate amongst us! To me, you are a great part of my life.

Cabin Boy: my, are you a constant screw-up. you may be of privilaged birth and have proven yourself before but you're on a pirate's ship now. We do things differently here. Sometimes I like you, sometimes I don't. In short, your existence to me is meh.

Scurvy Dog: how did you even get on my ship?! Leave my sight! I wish to clean my mind from your memory, you mangy thing

Song Addictiveness: First Mate
That chorus isn't leaving your head anytime soon. Or ever.

Dance: First Mate
That was an imptessive take on pole dancing. Or a fun way to do those god-awful PE fitness tests. Anyways, A+ from the Captain!

English: First Mate
They weren't saying full sentences but the English used was perfectly pronounced (as it should be, considering Min speaks English herself!)

Congrats on being my First Mates, Miss A! Pretty impressive. I was already a Suzy fan but you've ALL won me over now ^^

All aboard! Back to the seas to search for more, the Jolly Anne departs with a satisfied smile.  Today's haul was bountiful! 

-Captain Kaelyn

Movie.Music.Monday (MMM #1)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Aye lads and lassies, just 18 days left till November 22. What is the importance of November 22nd, you ask? Wait, of course you don't ask because YOU KNOW. We all have this engraved in our minds, the importance of this day. It is when the long-awaited sequel to the Hunger Games movie comes out: Catching Fire! It is, perhaps, one of the greatest book to movie adaptations I've seen since the Harry Potter series. The trailers and screenshots have me anticipating the movie and it's story line. Yes, yes I understand an author has no rights, unless given, to order about the movie set. It's like when a pirate create a map to treasure. We may have created it but the adventure others undertake on its instructions are purely there own. The journey at most will not differ, yet it also will not be the exact same one. It is always unique to see another's take on a book. See how far they fall into the world of the book, how much they actually understand it. Gary Ross had quite a task ahead of him when he took the Hunger Games movie as his project but he accomplished it with grace and elegance beyond words. Judging by the teasers, I suspect Mr. Francis Lawrence is up to par, if not better, than the first movie. I've seen his others works "I am Legend" and "Water for Elephant" (Both excellent movies, and I can't judge the book-adaptation for "Water for Elephants" for I haven't YET read the book, but I will soon. The movies have made this Captain cry  up a storm to rival that of Neptune, though.) I look forward to Catching Fire. I will be docking the Jolly Anne for a midnight screening of the movie. Be sure to expect my review of it as well as a Book vs. Movie post, dearies.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
As you mates know, your Captain has a certain taste in music, namely kpop. Today, I'll be introducing you to my latest ear worm: "Just Another Girl" by Kim Jaejoong. Jaejoong is the reason I've founded the category of This. This is for the people that are not only good singers AND rappers, but good actors, good looking, good-natured, etc. All you can do is point at them and say "This"; ie, This is perfection. And Jaejoong is This. He's acted and won awards for his roles. He's swept the charts with his releases, including this one. And the man has to be THE MOST GORGEOUS man ever. He's a god. He has to be. Or a siren, leading us to our doom of being super addicted to him, with his beautiful voice. I doubt any of us care. Now anyways, I present to you "Just Another Girl" by Kim Jaejoong.

Sleep tight mates. I'll be staying up finishing my book to review and add to my loot, hopefully, tomorrow. Look forward to it. Aye aye? AYE AYE!

-Captain Kaelyn