Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Captain's Log 11/12/2013 - Rating, I mean RANKING, system

My lovely dearies, before I post my review of Divergent, I just wanted to put something out there, something I've address in a previous post: MY RANKING SYSTEM. It is by this ranking system (this updated version), that I will express my likability towards a book, song, movie, etc. So, are y'all paying attention?
...I'll just hope you are ;)

Walk The Plank: There are somethings I regret in life and somethings I just want off my ship IMMEDIATELY. How drunk was I that I chose this? So much precious time, lost...
Scurvy Dog: I'm one step away from declaring this trash. I must've fallen for the cover. Wise men spoke true words: don't judge a book by its cover.
Cabin Boy: Wow, I made the right decision to let this wealthy one come on board and travel on this voyage with me. It has been an absolute pleasure. Maybe you should stay and become a mate aboard the Jolly Anne...MAYBE
First Mate: You, fine piece, are my right hand. I cannot live without you, and neither can this ship. Thank you so much for your beautiful existence. You cannot leave this ship, no can do. 
Loot: This. This is what all I review strive to be. Not a part of the ship but a part of the loot, forever immortalized, forever enshrined, loved, gazed upon in awe. Truly a master piece. You have Neptune's grace.

Well, there you have it dearies. Better memorize it! 
Oh wow, um sorry to bust your bubble, Ji Sung, but I was just kidding. The rankings will be posted in the blog sidebar for reference! Look forward to the Divergent review coming veeeeery soon

- Captain Kaelyn

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