Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Captain's Log 11/01/2013 - The Beginning

     The sea boils today, with Neptune's rage. Only with his mercy was the Jolly Anne able to survive. The continuous downpour of rain has brought madness upon few, but not me. Today, I begun The Covenant Series by a lass named Jennifer L. Armentrout. I'm looking forward to it. Something tell me I'll be marathon-reading this series as a whole, as Sentinel, the final book comes out tomorrow...
     Oh, who am I, you ask, who is going on about her adventures and such? From where did I come from? Well, hello there dearies, I am Captain Kaelyn of the grand Jolly Anne. And I'm here to show off my treasures to the world! What use are these spoils if I can't show them of? Yes, yes you must be confused. Books? Really? How can that compare to gems and gold and such? Ahhhh memories, you remind me so much of a younger me...mhmhm any ways. In this world of technology, what better way to display all of my collection than a website? Yes, we pirates know what technology is. The Jolly Anne is quite the hi-tech vessel, if I may so so.
     Aye, beware, for along with my bookish treasures comes a package...of my love for Korean entertainment. I'd just like to warn you of the addicting perils I have in store for you lads and lassies. Come. Come aboard the Jolly Anne, experience its treasures and join me on my quest to find more. For I always have room in my collection. And if I don't...I can just acquire a bigger ship.
     I'll be leaving a Captain's Log once a week, so look forward to hearing from your Captain. And the ship and you better be in good shape when I come around! Aye? AYE!

~Captain Kaelyn

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