Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Movie.Music.Monday (MMM #1)

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Aye lads and lassies, just 18 days left till November 22. What is the importance of November 22nd, you ask? Wait, of course you don't ask because YOU KNOW. We all have this engraved in our minds, the importance of this day. It is when the long-awaited sequel to the Hunger Games movie comes out: Catching Fire! It is, perhaps, one of the greatest book to movie adaptations I've seen since the Harry Potter series. The trailers and screenshots have me anticipating the movie and it's story line. Yes, yes I understand an author has no rights, unless given, to order about the movie set. It's like when a pirate create a map to treasure. We may have created it but the adventure others undertake on its instructions are purely there own. The journey at most will not differ, yet it also will not be the exact same one. It is always unique to see another's take on a book. See how far they fall into the world of the book, how much they actually understand it. Gary Ross had quite a task ahead of him when he took the Hunger Games movie as his project but he accomplished it with grace and elegance beyond words. Judging by the teasers, I suspect Mr. Francis Lawrence is up to par, if not better, than the first movie. I've seen his others works "I am Legend" and "Water for Elephant" (Both excellent movies, and I can't judge the book-adaptation for "Water for Elephants" for I haven't YET read the book, but I will soon. The movies have made this Captain cry  up a storm to rival that of Neptune, though.) I look forward to Catching Fire. I will be docking the Jolly Anne for a midnight screening of the movie. Be sure to expect my review of it as well as a Book vs. Movie post, dearies.

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As you mates know, your Captain has a certain taste in music, namely kpop. Today, I'll be introducing you to my latest ear worm: "Just Another Girl" by Kim Jaejoong. Jaejoong is the reason I've founded the category of This. This is for the people that are not only good singers AND rappers, but good actors, good looking, good-natured, etc. All you can do is point at them and say "This"; ie, This is perfection. And Jaejoong is This. He's acted and won awards for his roles. He's swept the charts with his releases, including this one. And the man has to be THE MOST GORGEOUS man ever. He's a god. He has to be. Or a siren, leading us to our doom of being super addicted to him, with his beautiful voice. I doubt any of us care. Now anyways, I present to you "Just Another Girl" by Kim Jaejoong.

Sleep tight mates. I'll be staying up finishing my book to review and add to my loot, hopefully, tomorrow. Look forward to it. Aye aye? AYE AYE!

-Captain Kaelyn

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