Thursday, November 21, 2013

Back to the Beach: Vampire Academy Theatrical Trailer

'Ello lads and lassies, Captain has docked the ship to tell another tale that most already know by now--that is if they aren't livin' under a rock or out sailing *whistles innocently* No, even then, the news had reached...about the release of the first full trailer of the upcoming Vampire Academy movie!

My thoughts: Well. This trailer certainly gave us a better look into the world Director Mark Waters has created. Before, I cringed a bit at the posters. "They suck at school."...a vampire pun? Really? I will judge that. Plus that combination of green and pink was very unappealing. The cast? Perfect. Too perfect. I have no qualms, no complaints about these brilliant and talented people. The teeth? No, they look fine too. But this trailer seems to highlight much of the comedy of the movie. The books always gave off a sultry, dark, tense, sarcastic vibe. I'm getting the sarcastic vibe from the trailer, but maybe too much of it? I realize that the books and movies NEVER are perfectly aligned and some movies differ drastically from the books. But through this trailer, I feel that the dark essence of the Vampire Academy world has been altered to a comedic one. Mind you, these thoughts are only on the trailer and many more teasers and trailers will come in the future. And Richelle Mead has constantly assured us of the success of this movie. So I will wait. And I will watch this movie because I see some clips in here that really bring out the world of Rose and Lissa. Those clips hold the soul and feeling of what I'm looking for in this movie.
so cute ^^

Overall: Not disappointed at all. Rose's personality really comes through. And can I get more of that Lust Charm scene please? Swooning over Danila *squeal* My only concern is that this may be too insufficient of a trailer to bring in non-fans. Fans KNOW what's going on, what to expect besides what's in the trailer, but non-fans? They don't. I do recommend they step up their game. But overall, like I've said, not bad at all.

-Captain Kaelyn

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