Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Jumping Ships: Miss A ~ Hush

And this my lads and lassies is the introduction of my Jumping Ships series! I don't literally jump ships (I could never do that to my lovely Jolly Anne!) I jump ship from talking about books to talking about another gem: kpop. And today I'll be diacussing "Hush", by the lovely ladies of Miss A.

My oh my, it has been a year and two months since "Touch" and these ladies made it worth the wait! Their voices are so hauntingly captivating. Siren lineage I tell you. Any who, the concept was much sexier, as that is the current trend, but they kept it seductive and mysterious without going overboard or underclothed. The chorus has to be THE most addictive chorus ever! "Kiss, kiss, kiss baby~"

On to business! Here's an intro to my rating scale:

First Mate: you are the best on the ship, capable of being my right hand. I trust you the most and find you to be the best pirate amongst us! To me, you are a great part of my life.

Cabin Boy: my, are you a constant screw-up. you may be of privilaged birth and have proven yourself before but you're on a pirate's ship now. We do things differently here. Sometimes I like you, sometimes I don't. In short, your existence to me is meh.

Scurvy Dog: how did you even get on my ship?! Leave my sight! I wish to clean my mind from your memory, you mangy thing

Song Addictiveness: First Mate
That chorus isn't leaving your head anytime soon. Or ever.

Dance: First Mate
That was an imptessive take on pole dancing. Or a fun way to do those god-awful PE fitness tests. Anyways, A+ from the Captain!

English: First Mate
They weren't saying full sentences but the English used was perfectly pronounced (as it should be, considering Min speaks English herself!)

Congrats on being my First Mates, Miss A! Pretty impressive. I was already a Suzy fan but you've ALL won me over now ^^

All aboard! Back to the seas to search for more, the Jolly Anne departs with a satisfied smile.  Today's haul was bountiful! 

-Captain Kaelyn

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