Monday, November 11, 2013

Jumping Ships: #StayStrongAilee

Dearies, today I'll be discussing something dire: Ailee's scandal. Last night, just before I was about to turn my lights of and go to sleep, my eyes came across the BREAKING NEWS Allkpop had. It pertained to pre-debut photos of a barely-clothed Ailee.

Now, Allkpop HAD always been my source of kpop news. It always had a weird bias in their articles, but I overlooked it and look for the main point of the article and then searched it up myself, to form an opinion more based on what I want to think about the topic. That's not how a news site should operate but I think many kpop fans will agree with me in saying that Allkpop WAS the best and quickest source to information pertaining to korean entertainment. But no more. It's a different story to just sense the quiet bias in the articles but a whole new level of scumbaggery when they ruin a young woman's career, and more importantly, her life. Recently, then revealed their position, due to the backlash of the fans, claiming they are victims too and that they are just doing their job, whilst a
t the same time revealing that other media outlets (Dispatch also) refused to buy these pictures from the source. How, I ask, are they doing their job as reporters if every other media source refused to go forth with this? No, they were just striving for attention, and they got it alright, just the negative kind from fans and idols alike.

It has been a rough night for kpop fans, Aileeans or not. The argument rises whether she's being let of easy because she's a foreigner to the koreans but I want to believe that the modern world, no matter how conservative, is above slut-shaming. It is not okay to blame the girl involved, the one who is now ruined in the eyes of the world. That is just pushing a victim too far. Everyone makes mistakes. To highlight another's mistake more than other, just to ignore your own imperfection, is just plain cruel. In our adolescence, we do things we come to regret later, but in the moment, it seems right. A teacher of mine once said "Learning through suffering". And it describe the human race perfectly. It is through suffering and withstanding the pain that we learn and emerge stronger, more ready to face the future.

My whole point is that Ailee is someone who was taken advantage of at a younger age. I withhold my judgement on whether it was her personal choice to send such pictures to her then-boyfriend or if she was unfairly scammed. In either condition, she was young, unguided, and naive enough to trust in this world, a world that sometimes takes advantage of the innocent. Comparing her to the desperate girl then and the strong woman now, no one can say that she has not learned from her suffering. So let's not judge this girl by what she has suffered through, making the scars open up once more, but support her so she can overcome this downfall and rise to even greater heights.
G.NA and Ailee

Amber and Ailee
Twitter is ablaze with tweets to the singer, showing support and no condemnation (except for a minor few but that is to be expected--the world is a large ocean of views and opinions). Also, idols such as UKISS' Kevin, Miss A's Min, f(x)'s Amber, G.NA, and Jay Park have unfollowed Allkpop on twitter, in support of Ailee. I expect more will soon follow. And I want to express sincere gratitude to the fans for staying strong and keeping Ailee strong, and unfollowing the trash that is Allkpop. Move on to Soompi, everyone, it's just as quick AND not hateful in it's news.
Min and Ailee

I will always remember the moment I became a true fan of this beautiful soul. I always loved her singing since the start of her career, but I truly loved her as a fellow human being when I was watching the Melon Music Awards and she consoled a crying Zelo on stage, who was so ecstatic from judging. While she too had won the rookie award with them, she let them all speak first and then congratulated them once more when it was her turn to speak. Her thoughtful gestures and selfless words won me over.

Ailee-stay strong. That's all I can say. I just want to say that the greatest bravery is to live through this trial and find the strength to carry on with the infinite support you have from your friends and fans. This love will carry you high into the sky and protect you from with filth that rose from hatred and jealousy. And smile.

-Captain Kaelyn, a proud Aileean

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