Monday, December 23, 2013

Movie.Music.Monday (MMM #2)


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Of course, OF COURSE for today's movie section I MUST speak about the delectable first clip of Divergent. Been living under a rock and haven't seen it yet? 

O_O Man, they aren't holding anything back to promote the movie {a fact that I, along with every Divergent fan, is enjoying very much}. Any people who had their doubts(WHY?!) about Theo James, well, I don't think you can say much after this trailer.

Yes, yes, they missed a line but hey, we've had the book-->movie talk before. And I prefer it this way. The atmosphere was kept and wasn't destroyed by the comedic line. I approve of this decision. I approve of this clip. I APPROVE EVERYTHING. But, really, loving the chemistry. So much that I can't stop clicking replay.

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Maybe it's because I'm ecstatic over my finals' result but I've been into some very feel-worthy music lately. My latest obsession is "Run" by the uber-talented Younha. The video is such a visual pleasure. So out of this world, so...not normal, yet it matches the song perfectly. And her voice, wow, too gorgeous. She's too underrated with a voice like that. Here you go, lads and lassies, I hope you find the song a elating as I did. 

*I do apologize for being MIA for a week. It's just, I'd gotten caught up in catching up with life. And reading. Because, you know, I have to review books here as well. And watching some movies I'd missed, which I'll review as well. But it's good to be back on the water, mates! Also, leave your thoughts on the Divergent clip and Younha's song in the comments below ^^ This captain loves to talk to her beloved shipmates*
-Captain Kaelyn

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