Monday, January 13, 2014

Movie.Music.Monday (MMM #3)


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Aye lads and lassies, today be an exciting day. I have not one, not two, but three pieces of news concerning THREE DIFFERENT MOVIES. 
Exciting, right? Okay, here we go. 

First up, THREE NEW STILLS of Divergent have been released. First, we have a totally adorbs moment between Tris and Four:

Next up, with a total turn in the mood, we have the terrifying moment of Tris' simulation:

And finally, we have Tris looking out of the train:

Next up, in the world of Vampire Academy, we have TWO NEW STILLS. First up is the three ladies, Rose, Lissa, and Natalie, hangin' about, lookin' all pretty:

And then we have the sexy Dimitri and Rose, mid-training:

Finally! Yes, it's been a lot of exciting news to take in but bear with me for one more bout of excitement. I know, you know, we all know of Lauren Oliver, the brilliant author of the Delirium Trilogy. We also know her new book, Panic, is due to come out this Spring. What's new is that Universal Pictures has already landed the film rights for Panic! Now, I'm even more psyched to read the book. Aren't you?

Yeah, I can't wait either.

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This week, I've been addicted to power-house diva Ailee's newest release, "Singing Got Better" It's such an emotional rock ballad, complemented by the great MV with Lee Joon of MBLAQ and Ailee herself. 

Captain's Log
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Ey mates, currently, I'm emotionally invested in Starcrossed by Josephine Angelini [even better the second time around] My feels for Lucas and Helen are too muuuuuch T^T What are you reading right now? Tell me in the comments below :)

-Captain Kaelyn

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