Monday, March 10, 2014

Movie.Music.Monday (MMM #4)


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Well. Haven't had one of these in a while. Apologies, mates. Any who, we are now getting closer and closer to the famed date of March 21, 2014 aka Divergent release date. The review of Divergent that I have been falsely promising for so long will now be put up on March 20, a little refresher for all of us before the big day. Yes, I realize both dates seem so far away. I feel the same. Dear Summit, can we please have it now? Pleeeease?
No? How can you say no to that face?! Fiiiiiine, we'll wait, albeit with much impatience. 

In terms of seriousness, the movie itself is projecting to be either a bit under or a bit over the $69 million money-raking that Twilight did on its opening weekend. It also has a lot of pressure on it, as the previous book-to-movie adaptations have not done well at all. Divergent is the only hope to keep the new franchise alive. And I have faith that it will. The cast is perfect, the trailers are highly promising, and nothing but praise is being heard left and right!

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THIS WEEK'S FIRST MATE: Sunmi, "Full Moon"

Sunmi, Sunmi, I can't stop waxing poetry about your perfect-ness. 
Coming back with a vampire concept, Sunmi shows everyone how to actually pull off a sexy concept with class, and not trashiness. Not only does she have the most addictive title track, Full Moon, the rest of her tracks are just as good, each, in my opinion, deserving their own MV! Gimme more Sunmi~
Also, she's pretty boss for dancing bare foot [even if it's for medical reasons]. Here's the original MV and also a favorite live performance of mine. Enjoy!

Captain's Log
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I'm currently experiencing a prolonged book hangover due to Ms. Heather Lyons. She has written a book so good, I'm unable to move on to books sitting idly in my Kindle. Thank you, The Deep End of the Sea for leaving me to withstand this life-crisis. Review to come soon. 

Also, hallelujah for sunny weather. I'm in near tears because the snow is GONE! Yusss.
Yeah. Helloooooo sunshine~

Tell me mates, what book has left YOU so very hungover? I'd like to know so I can move past this one. 

-Captain Kaelyn

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